I read no books in the month
of September. See, reading was always
a way to escape but sometimes
it isn’t enough of a getaway and the
only way to escape becomes to do the one
thing you shouldn’t do to escape.

I started college in the month
of September, after not going to school
for one and a half years because
‘I can’t do it’ wasn’t an excuse, but a
physical weight pulling me
to the bed, never letting me

Half way into October, I’ve read a book
and haven’t seen my friends in
a while, and spend four days a week
with the curtains drawn and
the TV on, or my face hidden under the duvet,
three days a week pretending it’s
okay, or maybe not bothering to pretend
at all.

(r.e.s) i can’t think of anymore to say (via thoughtsintorhymes)